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Interact – Participate- Learn

Who we are:

We share the passion for Rio de Janeiro and we want to connect!

Helmuth, author of the famous travel-book DuMont (German), lives in Rio more than 40 years and offers a great city-tour that gets you started to discover the many faces of Rio de Janeiro.



Felipe, photographer, has grown up in Vidigal. In his private walking tours he gives insights of his native neighborhood and takes you to incredible views over the whole city. He also offers individual photography workshops depending on what you want to see from the city.


Catarine, German and Portuguese teacher from Rocinha. She walks with you through Rocinha and also other parts of the city. If you want to get some basics in Portuguese before coming to Brasil or during your stay, Catarine teaches you (via skype or in person).




João, Carioca born, but raised abroad, spent roughly 1/3 of his life in Brazil, in different periods. Inspired by reconnecting to his Brazilian and Carioca roots, and out of his love for the city, the hiking, the scenery, the beaches, the language, and the people, he decided to move back this year. He is an avid hiker, rock-climber, runner, yogi, meditator, astrophysicist, ex-language teacher, seeker of knowledge and distributed cryptographic consensus/ledger technologies enthusiast; a warrior for peace. He is coordinating and representing RioConnection in Rio de Janeiro and is in contact with our partners and is actively considering new partnerships.

Connect with João on twitter @joaohooks




Britta, from Germany,  has lived 5 years in Rio de Janeiro. Now, back in Germany, she is contact person for Germans traveling to Rio.