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Our Mission

We want to Find, develop and communicate activities that give authentic impressions of life and culture.

In close cooperation with locals we organise activities for you, that stimulate the reciprocal exchange. An individual program for you and your personal interests. We put you in contact with existing projects or organise and research on request.

The consideration of social and cultural aspects is very important to us. We want to value local structures and contribute to an exchange and knowledge between people.

On request, we are happy to help with communication. We speak German, English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Easy, transparent and fair for all sides.

Our project starts in the wonderful city Rio de Janeiro (cidade maravilhosa)!


The LocalConnect-Team

RioConnection: within the rhythm of the city

Who we are

We are a young german-brazilian team that aims to open new doors to Rio de Janeiro. We support a new way of tourism. A tourism that gives insights of the reality of the people in this wonderful city without destroying local structures. A tourism which stimulates exchange between locals and visitors. We stand for more understanding for each other, for diving into something new – in a natural, free way without manipulating.

How we work

We have a network with which we organise an individual program. We understand oureselves as intermediary. We want to connect and to inform. On our website and through social media we want to give you different perspectives of this wonderful city. Therewith we want to encourage a conscious behaviour during your stay in Rio de Janeiro. Also, we introduce our partners who we work with and activities that we organise due to photos, texts and videos. It is important to us that we respect existing structures and ressources. That means for example that we prefer public transport instead of private transports. We only develop new activities in close cooperation with locals.

With whom we cooperate

In Rio de Janeiro we work with partners who share our understanding of tourism. Those are partners:

who work directly with tourism e. g. guides (Favela-tour)
who work indirectly with tourism e. g. Chefs (Cooking workshop)
who work independently from tourism e. g. teachers (Music, dance)
We include existing activities/programs in our portfolio and also develop new programs/activities in cooperation with our partners.

Only after having participated by ourselves we will recommend it.

For whom?

We organise activities for visitors in Rio de Janeiro interested in cultural activities away from the mainstream. Do you want to get to know different perspectives of Rio de Janeiro? Follow us on this website and in social media, where we regulary will inform about social projects, people and places of this city. In this manner we wish to contribute to broadening awareness for the reality of the city.


Here we are mentioned (German travel literature):