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Getting to know Rio

Through selected and special activities Cariocas and Wannabe-Cariocas present their city and open your eyes to perspectives that you wouldn’t easily find.

To start we recommend the private city tour with Helmuth Taubald. He is a German travel-book author, who gives you a wide overview and worthy inspirations for the rest of your stay. MORE

While walking through Vidigal guided by a local, you will learn a lot about Rio. Vidigal is a favela in Zona Sul (south zone of Rio de Janeiro, adjacent to Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana) and there is a lot to discover. MORE

Rocinha, the largest favela in Latin America, should only be visited with local people. After going up and down, through corridors, beautiful and not so beautiful sides of this part of Rio, you look at the whole city differently… with more open eyes, possessing deeper perspective on the city and its people. MORE (Due to the security situation, this activity might not be available – please get in touch)

For those who do not want to go on their own: in the beginning of the night there is a small course in Ipanema to master the basic steps of Forró and Samba. Later you will practice what you have learned in the real nightlife. Find out MORE